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Tourism Development

Since our establishment in 1985, ATC is devoted to sustainable tourism development. Being fascinated by the (more...)

Development Cooperation

Big challenges of our time relate to the disparities between industrial, developing and transition countries. (more...)

Project Management

Knowledge and expertise is becoming increasingly specialised in ever more narrow fields. (more...)


Tourism for the future

Sustainable tourism aims at balancing social, environmental and economic goals while providing different experiences for travellers. It involves respect, curiosity and consciousness not only for cultural heritage and local environments, but also for the social and economic...
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New project awarded in Vietnam

Vietnam, a natural wonder of stunning landscapes on the Indochina Peninsula, has been one of the fastest-growing economies over the last decade. Its economic transformation, foreign investment and efforts of local governments have contributed significantly to poverty reduction,...
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New project awarded: Study of EU Bilateral Assistance to Ukraine Post Maidan

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Ukraine, one of the largest countries in Eastern Europe known for its Orthodox churches, Black Sea coastline and forested mountains, is facing several challenges since its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. The country has been undertaking several reforms in coherence...
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Project Management Solutions

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We provide integrated solutions focused on donor funded projects. MIS, Management Information System, tailored-made software for implementing projects at all stages; Expert Seek, recruiting system software for selecting the best experts relevant for very specific tasks using...
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