Big challenges of our time relate to the disparities between industrial, developing and transition countries. Least developed countries struggle to provide basic needs such as food, security, and health services. In transition countries, an increase in consumption and economic growth often has detrimental effects on the environment and creates social frictions. In order to address these challenges, we are committed to share knowledge, build institutions and augment capacities of people and organisations.

  • We implement projects with a high degree of sensitivity for the local context and the interests of the stakeholders.
  • We have the network and expertise to integrate the most relevant competencies, people and organisations for each project.
  • We act with integrity and respect for the local populations and the environment they live in.
  • Our Expertise

    • Developing institutional and legal framework conditions
    • Organizational development
    • Human resource development
    • Training and coaching
    • Programming of development assistance
    • Building capacity for programme implementation
    • Project design and formulation
    • Monitoring and evaluation