We are committed to sharing knowledge, building institutions and augmenting capacities of people and organisations facing the challenges of our time. We act with integrity and respect for the local populations and the environment they live in, focused on:

  • Financial sector reform and public finance: assistance in decentralising fiscal responsibilities for public finance, increasing transparency, strengthening regulatory authorities, supervising banking systems and capital markets and assisting microfinance institutions.
  • Democratisation and civil society: assistance to ensure independent elections, fostering adherence to the rule of law and good governance, providing the necessary technical and financial systems, focused on human rights, minorities and gender issues.
  • Public administration and good governance: services in strengthening institutions, capacity building measures, stakeholder involvement and decentralisation processes.
  • Justice and home affairs: international cooperation to support fundamental rights, migration and asylum linked to the fight against crime, illegal immigration, trafficking and terrorism.
  • Social and economic development: focused on sustainability and local value creation through more jobs and increased income considering regional identities.

Our Expertise

  • Developing institutional and legal framework conditions
  • Organizational development
  • Human resource development
  • Training and coaching
  • Programming of development assistance
  • Building capacity for programme implementation
  • Project design and formulation
  • Monitoring and evaluation