More than 700 projects implemented in all five continents, benefiting thousands of people, give us a smile every day. This is what we live for since 1985.Our solid experience of working with international donor organisations such as the European Union, the World Tourism Organisation, UNESCO, ADA, the Austrian Development Agency as well as governments and municipalities, makes us a committed, reliable and trustworthy partner.

Tourism Culture

Our passion and main expertise since our beginning in 1985. We are fascinated by the natural and cultural richness of our planet. This is why we strive to making this heritage accessible to tourists while preserving it for future generations. We approach projects in a holistic manner and integrate expertise e.g. in tourism planning, world cultural and natural heritage, marketing, economics, finance, environment, urban and spatial planning as well as social sciences and anthropology.

International Development Cooperation

We work with and for leading organizations across the private, public and social sectors. We are passionate about taking on the challenges that matter to our clients and make them reality. Today we are happy to provide technical assistance on a broad variety of projects that are relevant for the social and economic well-being of people in deprived regions of the world – from microfinance to gender issues and from supporting government agencies to infrastructure and institutions, aiding beneficiaries on all levels of society as can be seen from our long list of successful references. This makes our work satisfying for our staff and for the experts that have chosen to work with us.

Project Management

We implement projects well and we want to make change happen. Consulting means more to us than just handing out good advice. We believe in project management as a tool to improve living conditions, this is why our work is always completely market oriented and has only one pragmatic goal: to provide our clients with truly workable solutions. Professional teamwork, effective IT solutions, analytical approach and strong determination help us find the right solutions for our clients.  We look forward to working for you and with you!