We believe in interdisciplinary, dynamic and strategic Project Management. Our approach is integrative, holistic and effective, understanding projects as dynamic processes composed of human interaction and teamwork.

  • Conceptualization of ideas: we evaluate ideas and turn them into feasible projects suitable for funding. No matter in which stage the project is, we can make it happen.
  • Finances: we plan and execute financial resources diligently conducting daily monitoring, supported by our financial management tools that ensure the effective implementation.
  • Resources: we mobilise the best talent and maintain an appropriate infrastructure, drawing on our team of experts, ExpertSeek -our smart linking IT tool- and our extensive networks.
  • Marketing: we increase the impact of projects with tailored communication strategies and marketing activities focused on long term engagement and tangible results.
  • Management: we implement projects successfully and ensure a holistic effective approach, mobilising respectful human interaction based on focused strategies, clear processes and advanced IT solutions.

Our Expertise

  • Service contracts funded by donors such as EC, WB, UNDP, the Austrian Development Agency, etc.
  • Implementation of research projects
  • Recruitment of experts from highly specialised fields
  • Financial and administrative support for project implementation

Our Solutions

We provide integrated solutions for project management focusing on three areas:

Our methodology

We understand sustainable development as the overriding principle: to direct tourism and economic development in a way that benefits the local population economically and socially, while making sure that natural and cultural resources are steadily preserved.

Based on a participatory approach involving beneficiaries and stakeholders:

Holistic approach

Understanding the many interrelated factors that determine the tourism development potential of a region.