Fascinated by the wonders of our planet, we have developed a multidisciplinary approach in tourism development providing effective solutions and management services:

  •  National and regional tourism strategies: focused on the identification of sustainable competitive advantages that foster local development.
  •  Destination marketing and brand development: identification of the unique selling points of destinations and attractions, transforming them into effective and efficient brands and marketing strategies.
  •  Feasibility studies for tourism and leisure related projects: focused on the progress of local economies while ensuring the development of globally competitive tourism destinations using the natural conditions of the sites.
  •  Mountain and winter resort development: inspired by our tradition in the Austrian Alps, we develop innovative concepts for mountain and winter tourism.
  •  Regional development: promotion, upgrade and renewal of regional economies through a focus on innovation, learning and competitiveness.
  •  International development cooperation and project management: capacitybuilding for national tourism authorities, promoting sustainable development through donor-funded technical assistance projects.

Our Expertise

  • National and regional tourism strategies
  • UNESCO world heritage applications and management
  • Innovative product development
  • Tourism (Master-)planning
  • Destination marketing
  • Destination management
  • Standardisation, classification and quality management
  • Institution and capacity building in tourism
  • Human resource development in tourism