Our approach aims to develop efficient training programs based on needs of regional, national or local governments and communities connecting with strategic objectives for development.

We understand training as a powerful capacity development tool in which individuals obtain the required knowledge and skills to provide outstanding outcomes. Focusing on individual empowerment in which core strategic concepts are interiorized by people and transferred to others in a practical way, local individuals are trained also to provide training ensuring sustainable results in the long term.

Based on assessing training needs and in-depth analysis of situational factors improving tourism development, we design and implement capacity development programs focused on:

  • National and regional tourism strategies: implementation and internal cooperation
  • Tourism product development: fostering products targeting global as well as local markets
  • Destination brand development, marketing and communication: focused on developing effective tools generated by locals targeting global audiences
  • Mountain and winter resort development: specific aspects related to
  • Business operations and hospitality management: focusing developing appropriate practices of daily operation as well as strategic aspects of hospitality management, managing accounts, book keeping, language skills, hospitality skills