Management Information System

An IT solution to manage donor-funded projects.

Easy to use increasing productivity

All sections are linked, information needs to be entered only once. Project documents can be stored and reports can be extracted and exported to Excel immediately, any time. It allows for flexibility and high level of accuracy in planning budgets and activities.

Controlled levels of access

A separate account with a user name and password is created for each member. Each person can work simultaneously, independently from each other, and can be assigned to different functions with varying levels of access to project information. Once the resources are created, they are allocated to different budget lines, defining the finances that will be associated with them.

Faster and better

All project expenses and time worked can be entered, and associated with a specific activity for detailed information. Experts can enter their timesheets and send them for verification and confirmation, creating links that provides authorising controls for payment. Exchange rates are calculated automatically. All information required to process payments is available at a mouse click.

Immediate complete reports

Real-time monitoring of planned, utilized and remaining budgets under different budget lines / activities. Customized reports provide the required information instantly, with a click. Information can exported as Excel file suitable for modifications or arrangements. Import and/or export of API’s (Interfaces) to 3rd party systems like SAP, BMD, etc. can be offered/implemented.