Algeria: Mission d'identification et de formulation d'un appui aux Média en Algérie

The objective of the mission was to identify and to formulate a programme to support the media in Algeria in the context of governance improvement, in such a way as to facilitate the access and the quality of the information available to the wide public. This was done in line with the European Commission’s priorities in this domain and more particularly with those identified in the SPRING programme and also related to the national expectations, the actions already implemented by other development partners as well as with the existing legal framework.

More specifically, the future programme was designed so that it could contribute to progress of the professionalization of the different actors in the media sector in Algeria in terms of providing more transparency in the political, economic and cultural domain. Furthermore, the programme’s aim is to support the press in matters of collection and dissemination of information on issues of great importance to the population.

Client: European Commission

Beneficiary: European Union Delegation in Algeria

Additional Info

  • Areas of Competence: Public Administration and Good Governance