ACP-Countries: Technical Assistance for the EU/ACP Microfinance II Programme

The objective of the project is to contribute to poverty alleviation through economic growth facilitated by the development of inclusive financial systems adapted to the needs of the poor in ACP countries. The purpose of this  contract is to establish a Technical Assistance Team (TAT) to assist the ACP Secretariat (the Contracting Authority) in the implementation and follow up of the 3 components of the EU/ACP Microfinance Programme II. The Knowledge Management and Communication Expert provided by ATC is engaged in provision of assistance to the ACP Secretariat in the communication dissemination and visibility of the programme as a whole and the call for proposals in particular, develop communication products, establish of an interactive website, organisation of promotional events etc.

Client: EU – ACP Secretariat

Beneficiary: All ACP Governments, Regional Organizations and Private Sector Representatives

Additional Info

  • Areas of Competence: Social and Economic Development, Financial Sector Reform and Public Finance