Lebanon: Technical Assistance in the Domain of Public Finance Management

The overall objective is to improve public finance management and accountability in Lebanon. The specific objective is to define, in close collaboration with the EU and the Lebanese relevant stakeholders, technical support in terms of capacity building to the Ministry of Finance in the following domains:

1) Sector policy planning and budgeting, aiming among other, at the development of a global Medium Term Expenditure Framework for the Education Sector in close coordination with the Ministry of Finance.

2) National accounts systems and PFM aggregates in close coordination with the Central Administration for Statistics of Lebanon (CAS). Provision of better PFM and Macro data to investors and citizens.

3) Development of a Strategic Management Decision Making Tool. This includes the development of an integrated and comprehensive economic and financial model for the purpose of supporting key MoF decisions.

4) Assessment and upgrading of IT System at the Ministry of Finance and related ministries concerning notably: budget preparation module, commitment module, budget advances module, budget execution module, income tax and VAT module (SIGTAS), liabilities and deposits module, stamps system, cashier system, accountability system, and debt module (DMF AS).

Client: European Commission

Beneficiary: European Union Delegation in Lebanon. Ministry of Finance Lebanon

Additional Info

  • Areas of Competence: Financial Sector Reform and Public Finance