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Strengthening the capacity, transparency, and accountability of the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development, building knowledge  competence of its senior management staff.

Client: Delegation of the European Commission (FED)

Beneficiary: Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development

Published in Africa

Development of an accounting system for the NAO to implement an appropriate IT system for monitoring and accounting. Advise on organisational aspects such as organisational design, human resources, management of information and communication.

Client: Delegation of the European Commission (EDF)

Published in Africa

Improving capacity of the ministries and subordinated bodies involved in the protection of moveable cultural goods in order to combat illegal trade and export, theft, destruction and forgery.

Client: Austrian Agency for European Integration and Economic Development (PHARE-Twinning)

Beneficiary: Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs

Published in Europe

Improvements to the investment climate to promote trade, strengthening the central bank and regulatory system to facilitate the EU integration into European networks, enhancement ofthe capacity of the central bank and the regulatory authorities in banking supervision, non-banking supervision and capital market supervision.

Client: Delegation of the European Commission

Beneficiary: Financial Services Sector Institutions

Published in Europe