Establishment of a long term strategy for continued support to the policy of ecotourism in Bhutan, development of measures for sustainable management and protection of natural resources, job creation, SME and local community based development.

Client: Austrian Development Agency

Beneficiary: Department of Tourism of Bhutan

Investigation of the ecological conditions along the river Xiangjiang to identify locations for a sustainable development of recreation and tourism facilities. 

Client: Hunan Provincial Government

The mountain valley of Bakhmaro in Western Georgia is a popular climatic spa resort, but poor quality huts were constructed illegally and forests were destroyed due to a lack of planning. ATC drafted a plan for sustainable socio-economic development involving public private partnerships.

Client: Department of Tourism and Research / Smart Consulting

The objective was the elaboration of a Twinning Project Fiche describing clearly a project for Strengthening the National Customs System of Georgia, for launching a successful call for proposals.

Client: EC Delegation

Beneficiary: Ministry of Finance

Provision of information to decision-makers in the government of Syria and the European Commission for an informed judgement about the performance of the Municipal Administration Modernisation.

Client: Delegation of the European Commission (MEDA)

Beneficiary: Ministry of Local Administration and Environment

Strengthening the Government Communication Directorate improving communication of governmental plans and activities to the civil society, supporting the Government Spokespersons.

Client: Delegation of the European Commission

Beneficiary: Government Communication Directorate

Support the Bhutanese Department of Tourism to successfully standardise and classify tourism facilities in Bhutan by developing a system of guidelines, institutional frameworks, task descriptions and training programmes.

Client: Austrian Development Agency

Beneficiary: Department of Tourism

Formulation of a comprehensive project proposal aimed at supporting the Syrian Ministry of Local Administration and Environment and the Syrian Regional and Local Authorities to consolidate the decentralisation process and to promote local development dynamics.

Client: ECD in Damascus (MEDA)

Beneficiary: ECD Damascus

Strengthening the capacity of the Turkish National Police and the potential of biometric identification systems, achieving EU standards, with view to progressing towards the accession to the EC.

Client: Delegation of the European Commission, CFCU

Beneficiary: Ministry of Interior

The main purpose is to assess the Local Governance Sector for the 10th Five Year Plan (FYP)period, and to provide implementation details for the EC support programme.

Client: Delegation of the European Commission

Beneficiaries: Government of Bhutan and local administrations

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