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Investigation of the ecological conditions along the river Xiangjiang to identify locations for a sustainable development of recreation and tourism facilities. 

Client: Hunan Provincial Government

Published in Asia

The project aims to accompany the recording of cultural heritage in the development of economic and of human resources in Algeria, thereby contributing to the priority actions of identifying and stocklisting, of protecting and of enhancing the cultural heritage.

Client: European Commission

Beneficiary: Ministry of Culture

Published in Africa

Designing a development concept and business plan for the Pielach Valley in Lower Austria, providing it with an unique and coherent regional profile to market its  agricultural, horticultural, handicraft and tourism related products more effectively.

Client: “Verein Daheim” im Pielachtal

Published in Europe

Promotion of cultural heritage and tourism to improve economic development, creation of new jobs and promotion of cooperation networks between Bulgaria and Greece.

Client: Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (PHARE)

Published in Europe

Improving capacity of the ministries and subordinated bodies involved in the protection of moveable cultural goods in order to combat illegal trade and export, theft, destruction and forgery.

Client: Austrian Agency for European Integration and Economic Development (PHARE-Twinning)

Beneficiary: Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs

Published in Europe

Support the reorganisation of the Ministry of Culture of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, promote Public Private Partnerships and stimulate the development ofcommercial.

Client: European Commission (PHARE)

Beneficiary: Ministry of Culture

Published in Europe

Developing access for Serbia's citizens to independent public and private media, improving the quality of the programme, assistance to EAR in tender evaluation and supervision.

Client: European Agency for Reconstruction (CARDS)

Beneficiary: Yugoslav Film Archive

Published in Europe

Masterplan focusing on the protection of natural, cultural, historic and spiritual values of the Danube Region and its inhabitants outlining options for sustainable economic development, while maintaining biodiversity, landscape and the natural fluvial ecosystem, in all 10 countries along the Danube.

Client: Austrian Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour.

Published in Europe