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The global objective of the project 'Identification and Formulation of Support for Public Administration Capacity Building in Turkmenistan' was to facilitate a project formulation process based on the Logical Framework Approach (LFA), for the Annual Action Programme 2013 (AAP 2013) for Turkmenistan.

Client: European Commission

Beneficiary: Government of Turkmenistan

Published in Asia

Provision of information to decision-makers in the government of Syria and the European Commission for an informed judgement about the performance of the Municipal Administration Modernisation.

Client: Delegation of the European Commission (MEDA)

Beneficiary: Ministry of Local Administration and Environment

Published in Asia

Enhance the competitiveness of Tunisia to ease its integration into the European free trade zone and into the world economy as a whole.

Client:  Delegation of the European Commission

Beneficiary: Government of Tunisia

Published in Africa

Introduction of a decentralisation reform for the national public administration to grant more competences, responsibilities and financial resources to regional and local authorities.

Client: Delegation of the European Commission (FED)

Published in Africa

Mid-Term-Review of the SENIS project half way through the implementation, SENIS aims to contribute to the establishment of an EPA between the EU and the Eastern and South African States (ESA).

Client: Delegation of the European Commission

Beneficiary: EC Delegation to Karthoum

Published in Africa

Modernisation of Albania’s administrative capacity and strengthening of its key institutions, improvements to its human resources management, strengthening of the internal capacities of the Training Institute for Public Administration.

Client: Delegation of the European Commission (CARDS)

Beneficiary: Training Institute of Public Administration

Published in Europe