The project aimed at harmonizing the BiH legislation in the telecommunications sector within EU requirements and to strengthen the capacity of the Communications Regulatory Agency.

Client: Delegation of the European Commission

Beneficiary: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Improvements to the investment climate to promote trade, strengthening the central bank and regulatory system to facilitate the EU integration into European networks, enhancement ofthe capacity of the central bank and the regulatory authorities in banking supervision, non-banking supervision and capital market supervision.

Client: Delegation of the European Commission

Beneficiary: Financial Services Sector Institutions

Analysis of all existing national bicycle routes, creation of a coherent signage system for all routes corresponding to European standards.

Client: DFC, Barcelona

Beneficiary: Lithuanian State Department of Tourism

Development of the Masterplan and the implementation for the first helicopter skiing resort in the Caucasus, which still is the most popular and successful one in Europe.

Beneficiary: GrusKurort, Ministry for Tourism, Soviet Republic of Georgia

Client: ABV Construction Ltd

Analysis of the masterplan for a winter sports centre, recommendations about implementation of  phases of the plan, advice for conference tourism and use of the resort during summer season.

Client: IPK World Travel Monitor, Germany

Beneficiary: Samokov Municipality

Preparation of the detailed ski slope design for the Olympic Winter Games at the Rosa Khutor Ski Resort Area in Sochi, including the planning of all slopes for the alpine skiing competitionsof men and women and supervision of the construction works.

Client: Eser Engineering, Ankara

Creating a concept for and implementing a multifunctional visitor centre in the Franciscan Convent in Mayerling, a highly popular tourism destination, site of the famous double suicideof Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria and his lover Baroness Marie Marie von Vetsera.

Client: Heimat Österreich

Masterplan focusing on the protection of natural, cultural, historic and spiritual values of the Danube Region and its inhabitants outlining options for sustainable economic development, while maintaining biodiversity, landscape and the natural fluvial ecosystem, in all 10 countries along the Danube.

Client: Austrian Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour.

Development of a Tourism Strategy for Sofia with the aim to promote the city's positioning in the field of cultural tourism through detailed planning activities and targeted selling of its assets and attractions in an intensified competition among European cities.

Client: Sofia Municipality

Beneficiary: Sofia Municipality

Development of a Network of Pilgrimage Landscapes in Central and Eastern Europe, with Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria as actively participating countries.

Client: Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Youth and Family

Beneficiary: Regional Development Agencies in Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria