Tuesday, 08 March 2016 15:06

New project awarded: Feasibility Study for Ars Aevi Museum in Sarajevo

We are happy to announce the award of a new project in Sarajevo. A feasibility study will be implemented in order to establish a regional South East European Centre/Museum of World Contemporary Art. With the purpose of promoting cultural cooperation in the region with a sustainable operating structure, in-depth analysis of required investment costs, corresponding operational costs and the most appropriate governance structure are needed.

The Ars Aevi Museum is not supposed to be an ordinary museum; it will be a center of artists, curators and other founding members from all over the world. It has called as “an expression of international collective will”, by Renzo Piano, one of the world’s leading architects and the designer of the Museum. Its concept has formulated new modes of museum management in the field of contemporary art, bringing the traditional idea of Sarajevo as “a meeting place” for the cultures of the East and the West.

In partnership with IBF and ECFDC, our team will carry out feasibility study with recommendations for optimal investment options, funding strategies, management alternatives and marketing plans. This is a crucial and challenging project with high responsibility for the future of cultural development in Sarajevo. We want to thank local authorities; our partners and team for letting us start making this idea reality.