Monday, 30 October 2017 16:26

Results making a change: Palestine Private Sector Development Program

Good ideas with good teams end up in good results. We are happy to announce the achievement of all activities of our project in Palestine. As a result for the very first time, a comprehensive Sales Guide of the Holy Land by Palestinian Tour Operators was created, a corporate website for tourist operators and travellers was developed and Pal, a symbol part of a brand uniting Palestinian Tour Operators was born as part of a comprehensive corporate branding strategy. All was successfully launched in events in three cities of the US market, New York, Chicago and Atlanta. We want to thank GIZ, HLITOA and all its members for an enjoyable teamwork and unforgettable experience.

Having the common ideas to increase sales for the members of Holy Land Incoming Tour Operators Association (HLITOA), and maintain its leadership position within the Palestinian tourism industry has been the engine for all activities and results. Through a comprehensive and participatory approach based on stakeholders’ needs, suggestions and priorities, we implemented a strategy aiming at increasing revenue for the organization based on three pillars, product, brand and communications. Products and itineraries were refined based on targeting profiling; a new brand concept was developed from unique competitive advantages and marketing communications were structured based on an integrative concept.

The results can be seen as remarkable deliverables and as a consequence of good teamwork and clear priority of objectives. At ATC, we thank all members involved for this project and particularly to Sami Khoury, Gerold Schwarz, Sebastian Ploetzgen, Margo Tarazi, Ihab Habari, Michel Awad and Dimitri Khashram for all your support and team efforts. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Find here the link of HLITOA’s website