Wednesday, 26 April 2017 16:21

Making ideas happen in Palestine

Palestine, a cradle of world history and cultural heritage, offers unique experiences and incomparable opportunities to understand human civilizations. Its history involves, as few other countries in the world, the most interesting aspects from the beginning of human prehistoric cultures until the most recent developments of our modern world. Beyond the complex socio-political situation, Palestine is a territory full of stories to share. From religious and archaeological to cultural and political, Palestinian territories offer countless must-have travelling experiences worth having and telling. We are very happy to announce that we started an interesting project aiming at strengthening the economic development in the Palestinian Territories and to improve the competitiveness of Palestinian businesses.

Currently there is a minimal contribution of tourism to the country’s economy. Archaeological, historical and religious sites are the main driver of Palestinian tourism and most of them can even become an important driver of social development within the local community. Additionally, touristic manufacture establishments (wood, ceramics, glass and other) and alternative products (beer production) have increased in demand and popularity, reflecting high local need for outbound tourism activities. This is consistent with a rising interest in alternative and experiential tourism, both politically (conscientious tourism) as well as activities beyond religious purposes such as hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing. There is clearly a big potential to develop interesting ideas and tourism activities.

Our experts will develop a comprehensive and participatory approach, in which identifying key market segments, developing effective marketing and sales strategies, and having a special focus on micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises will be key elements. We want to thank all local authorities, the Holy Land Incoming Tour Operators Association, the Ministry of Tourism of the Palestinian National Authority, the Arab Hotel Association and the GIZ Private Sector Development Program (PSDP) to make this happen and we look forward to implementing this important project.