Friday, 06 October 2017 16:23

Outstanding results reported in Ardahan by local media

Ardahan, a stunning location for tourism in Turkey, has been the location of one of our latest projects aiming at the improvement of winter tourism infrastructure. Since September 2017, a 3 km-long quadruple detachable chairlift is being constructed for Yalnızçam skiing center at the height of 2800 meters generating immediate positive results to the local community. A large number of tourists are expected for the upcoming winter season, which will increase the economic development of the region. The outstanding results of the project have sparked local media attention, which has published a detailed article about the project recognizing also the diligent management of Nezih Isci, senior ATC consultant - project leader. At ATC, we are sincerely grateful to the community of Ardahan for its support and with Nezih, who has once again has made good ideas happen.

The results can also be seen as concrete steps of the financial cooperation between the EU and Turkey, and as an initial stone for sustainable growth for the region. “We aim at a nature sports center that extends touristic activities around the whole year with facilities for activities such as golf, mountain biking, and trekking”, Nezih, reported. This cooperation can be developed in further projects, such as such as a children-oriented skiing center for families from Istanbul and Ankara. “This facility would change the countenance of the environment and also it is an ideal place for entrepreneurs”, Nezih added.

Being also a part of the Caucasia, Ardahan is an important region facilitating cross-border cooperation. The proximity to the Lake Cildir is a big advantage for this endeavor. Cross-border tourism collaboration is an important step for which Georgian communities neighboring Ardahan are crucial actors. Tourism facilities, hotels, and further services foster the regional touristic potential that has already been experienced by locals in Ardahan. “The local community embraced the project and can’t wait for the tourists to come to their city” the newspaper reports. “I am really happy for their excitement of the people about our project” Nezih, said.

The project will be finished by the 2017-2018 skiing season and will mark a reference point at a regional level. Georgia and nearby countries are ideal candidates for this type of project in which a collaborative rather than a competitive approach can be taken. “We will invite entrepreneurs from these countries to join our efforts and make ideas happen together”, Nezih said. This is also an opportunity for Turkish winter tourism brands and local businesses. “Tourism is a social and economic tool for sustainable growth for both regional and local community”, he added. We are very pleased with these results and hope that much many are there to come.