Wednesday, 25 April 2018 12:03

Making ideas happen in Ukraine

Several initiatives are being implemented in Ukraine aiming at improving governance in a transparent, accountable and responsive manner. Within this framework, the U-LEAD with Europe Programme managed by the GIZ pursues the specific objectives of supporting the implementation of regional development actions and assisting capacity development measures. We are glad to announce that ATC has been awarded with a project in which a selected team of experts will contribute to make these ideas happen.

Communication, partnership and monitoring concepts are crucial elements for implementing the activities, which will be carried out based on a careful understanding of the U-LEAD support programme as well as the GIZ management model Capacity WORKS.

Building knowledge and developing tools relating to the tasks to be implemented are key factors to assure valuable results by our experienced team of experts. Our knowledge and information concept will be developed around the strategic learning loop: Learning and focusing will be the focus in the activity/strategy creation phase; Alignment and execution will be the focus in the action/strategy implementation phase. Our philosophy is to keep the needs of the client and its partners in the center of the process and learn with them to embed strategy better into needs and policy/political agreement.

U-LEAD is multi-donor action funded by the European Union and its Member States Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Poland and Sweden. We thank the managing and local authorities and our team for this exciting collaboration opportunity. We are looking forward to starting this important assignment in May 2018!