Wednesday, 06 April 2016 15:16

New project awarded: Sustainable tourism plan for Uludağ, Turkey

Uludağ, a mountain with an elevation of 2,543 meters, is one of the most important winter destinations in Turkey. It is located in the province of Bursa, one of the biggest industrial centers of the country and a natural meeting point for agricultural, cultural, historic and natural wealth. Contracted by the Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency, we are developing a sustainable 4-seasons tourism plan for Uludağ, which also considers the embeddedness of the resort in the wider area, including 31 villages, a national park and Alaçam. The aim is to make Uludağ and its surrounding areas an international point of interest in winter and mountain tourism. We want to thank our project partners, stakeholders and team members to make this happen.

We will study among others the social, economic, environmental and infrastructural conditions and prepare recommendations of how to improve and optimize the current infrastructure, management and organization, how to better embed the mountain resort in the wider area, including creating positive regional spillover effects, and how Uludağ can become a world class mountain tourism destination with capacities to hold major international sport events.

Sustainable development implies a balance of using and protecting available resources and requires due consideration of social, economic, and environmental effects. Having this in mind, we aim at preparing a strategy that promotes sustainable tourism and regional socio-economic development combining more jobs and income with improved environmental conditions. We look forward to the results of this important project.