Friday, 12 August 2016 16:14

Tourism for the future

Sustainable tourism aims at balancing social, environmental and economic goals while providing different experiences for travellers. It involves respect, curiosity and consciousness not only for cultural heritage and local environments, but also for the social and economic development that can be generated. Although in the past decades sustainable tourism could be seen as an alternative, it has become increasingly popular and mainstream, since tourism is one of the fastest growing industries and the environmental effects of mass tourism have become more evident.

Sustainability involves understanding tourism experiences from several perspectives providing uniqueness as well as social benefits for local economies. A human, holistic and pragmatic approach is important to visualize opportunities and make them happen in a sustainable way for the future. Tourism for the future represents a vision of preserving the wonders of our planet for upcoming generations while making them a tool for economic growth and development. At ATC, this is our passion, but also our responsibility.

When planning a project in sustainable tourism our focus starts with the people living in the destination area as part of the ecosystem that needs to be preserved. We aim at innovations that promote human wellbeing and social economic growth while contributing to maintain a functional integrity of ecosystems. Therefore, one of our main concerns is to add value with ideas and innovative solutions that improve living conditions for local people.

Passion for tourism inspires us to create innovative ideas for the future. Our daily work is based on this passion that makes us leaders and experts in tourism. Making ideas happen in tourism means loving what we do and doing what we love.