Thursday, 05 January 2017 16:20

Making Ideas Happen In Tunisia

Since the revolution of 2011, Tunisia has experienced profound political, institutional and economic challenges. After presidential elections in 2014, major steps in strengthening democratic institutions have been established opening up a period of democratic transition. The government is making significant efforts to improve the environment for structural efforts to enable inclusive growth, reduction of unemployability and regional disparities, and to introduce forms of participatory governance. Within this framework, we are happy to announce a new project awarded in Tunisia, aiming at supporting EU Delegation in the country in the elaboration of a programme for budgetary support to unease the implementation of a Tunisian development plan (2016-2020).

Tunisia continues to face significant socio-economic and regional disparities that require long-term and permanent efforts from different actors. These efforts are focused on social peace and security, the necessary conditions for recovery of the economic activity and the return to growth. Currently, there is an awareness of the need to embrace a social economy that brings growth and development to the economy of the country. We are glad to support this project.

Hopefully these multiple initiatives will bring prosperity and wellness to Tunisia. This is a great country with an impressive history, cultural heritage and hospitality. We are looking forward to implementing this important project and supporting successful results for Tunisian people. Making ideas happen!