Wednesday, 04 February 2015 17:29

Turkey: Sustainable Development for Upper Mesopotamia, Cradle of World Civilization

Since June 2013 ATC Consultants together with their consortium partners GOPA Consultants and AGM Strategic Solutions are providing Technical Assistance for Sustainable Tourism Development in Mardin.

This EU-funded consultancy is designed to bring social and economic benefit to people and businesses in Turkey’s South-Eastern Province of Mardin. Both the township and the province of Mardin possess an immensely rich cultural heritage of many civilizations and religions, some dating back thousands of years. There are numerous outstanding monuments that give witness to their rich cultural tradition. Having been on the crossroads of cultures, religions and historical events throughout history, the region boasts an ancient tradition of hospitality that provides a solid base for tourism development. The main tasks of our work are:

  • Plan for development of sustainable tourism
  • Assessment of cultural assets
  • Value chain analysis
  • Marketing strategy based on a thorough demand analysis
  • Improvement of service quality
  • Training programmes
  • Experts employed: three long term key experts and 21 short-term senior and junior non-key experts.
  • Project value: EUR 2,2 mio Duration: June 2013 – June 2015