Wednesday, 17 June 2015 17:31

Project management for social, institutional and economic change: making ideas happen

For ATC, project management implies an understanding of the lived experience of our team, project partners, and stakeholders in their local project environments. Actions, decisions and behaviors in projects are understood as being embedded in, and continuously re-shaped by local communities. We believe in project management for social, institutional and economic change, we want to make ideas happen.

Projects are complex social settings characterized by unpredictability, change and interaction among diverse participants. Consequently, we believe in teamwork shaped by history, context, individual values and wider structural frameworks. Everyone brings in knowledge and skills that contribute to a common goal for our projects and collective dreams.

This is a channel of communication with our communities, teams, experts and followers who would like to give us opinion, feedback or contribution. Information about our areas of expertise, projects as well as news and interesting content will be an opportunity to exchange ideas. Together we can make them happen.