Development of a Strategic Master Plan for Petra Region. Petra Archaeological Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the 7 Wonders of the World. 

Client: Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority

Beneficiary: Petra Region

Tourism training strategy for all tourism enterprises in the „Aqaba Special Economic Zone“, private sector participation, model approach to environmentally sustainable tourism development.

Client: Hypodomie / Delegation of the European Commission

Beneficiary: Aqaba Special Economic Zone

Prefeasibility study and marketing plan for a seaside tourism resort. Near Lankaran at the coast of the Caspian Sea a resort was planned with hotels and bungalows for a total of over 1200 guests.

Client: Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Design of training courses for Western style cooking, upgrading the standard and quality of human resources in the tourism industry in Vietnam with focus on key tourism schools and their quality of education so that the Government and the industry can sustain high quality and quantity levels autonomously after the project’s completion.

Client: Human Resource Development in Tourism Project (ALA)

The objective of this assignment was a  Feasibility Study for improving the digital broadband offer and competitiveness in the IOC member states. In order to achieve this goalthe study will assess the infrastructure and policy measures which are required in the short, medium and long term in order to remove the barriers to open access and reduce the costs of broadband offer. 

Client: Delegation of the EU to Mauritius

Beneficiary: Indian Ocean Commission (IOC)

The overall objective wasto improve the functioning of the Authority in such a way as to provide the Egyptian Courts with trustworthy examinations and analyses within reasonable delays and improve the provision of justice in the system.

Client: Delegation of the European Union to Egypt

Beneficiary: Egyptian Forensic Medicine Authority (EFMA) at the Ministry of Justice

The objective of the project is to contribute to poverty alleviation through economic growth facilitated by the development of inclusive financial systems adapted to the needs of the poor in ACP countries. 

Client: EU – ACP Secretariat

Beneficiary: All ACP Governments, Regional Organizations and Private Sector Representatives

The global objective of this assignment was to improve the capacity of The Cape Verde Customs Administration (CVCA) to effectively engage with external stakeholders through the preparation, publication and dissemination of Communication and Visibility products in the framework of the WCO West African Customs Administrations Modernization project. 

Client: World Customs Organization

Beneficiary: Cape Verde Customs Administration

The objective of the assignment was to build and sustain the capacity of Public Finance Management Practitioners in the three pilot municipalities and to develop training resources for immediate use in the pilot and other municipalities. 

Client: European Commission

The purpose of this assignment is to strengthen the capacity of the Office of the National Authorising Officer (NAO) to timely and effectively manage, implement and coordinate EU external assistance channelled through the European Development Fund (EDF).

Client: European Commission

Beneficiary: EDF National Authorising Officer to Botswana, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning