Tuesday, 19 April 2016 15:49

Introducing Project Management Solutions by ATC

Consulting means more to us than just handing out good advice and implementing projects. We believe in project management as a tool to improve living conditions; our work is always completely solution-oriented and has a pragmatic goal: to provide our clients with truly workable solutions. This is why we are pleased to inform our community about our Project Management Solutions: three ways to connect with our clients making their job easier and more effective.

Management Information System is our IT tool to implement donor-funded projects. It has made our life easier since it holds all the information we need; every person knows what to do and how to report it, allowing for effective teamwork. Financially, it cannot be better, it has improved not only productivity, which has led us to win more projects, but also our reports are human-error free since they are automatically generated. We are happy to share it with our partners and anyone interested in managing projects better. Find here more information: Management Information System

Expert Seek is our recruiting system software for selecting the best experts relevant for very specific tasks. It is widely known that human resources are crucial for project management, but what is more important is being able to identify the right experts in the right time. Using artificial intelligence, ExpertSeek uses advanced language and machine learning technologies in order to identify and cluster profiles. In this way, it provides specific and immediate solutions in identifying experts, processing CV’s, fine-tune for specific projects and effective smart linking. Find here more information: Expert Seek

Customized solutions are tailor-made consultancy and IT services for project implementation. We know that every company is different and implements project in its own way. In that sense, in case we provide the full cycle of development, customization and integration of project management routines and IT solutions that can be adapted to every company’s need. Find here more information: Customized Solutions

We are very happy to share this information with our community. We are making more ideas happen!