Tourism has evidenced an unprecedented growth over the last two decades becoming one of the world’s largest economic sectors. The tourism sector accounts for 10.4% of global GDP and 313 million jobs, or 9.9% of total employment in 2017, generating diverse economic opportunities for people around the world. Nevertheless, this rapid global tourism growth has a big impact from economical, social and environmental perspectives.

Several initiatives are being implemented in Ukraine aiming at improving governance in a transparent, accountable and responsive manner. Within this framework, the U-LEAD with Europe Programme managed by the GIZ pursues the specific objectives of supporting the implementation of regional development actions and assisting capacity development measures.

We are happy to announce the achievement of all activities of our project in Palestine. As a result for the very first time, a comprehensive Sales Guide of the Holy Land by Palestinian Tour Operators was created, a corporate website for tourist operators and travellers was developed and Pal, a symbol part of a brand uniting Palestinian Tour Operators was born.

Ardahan, a stunning location for tourism in Turkey, has been the location of one of our latest projects aiming at the improvement of winter tourism infrastructure. Since September 2017, a 3 km-long quadruple detachable chairlift is being constructed for Yalnızçam skiing center generating immediate positive results to the local community. 

We are very happy to announce that we started an interesting project aiming at strengthening the economic development in the Palestinian Territories and to improve the competitiveness of Palestinian businesses.

Since the revolution of 2011, Tunisia has experienced profound political, institutional and economic challenges. After presidential elections in 2014, major steps in strengthening democratic institutions have been established opening up a period of democratic transition.

Ardahan, a province in northeastern Turkey, is one of the least developed regions in the country, particularly affected by the global economic crisis of 2008. With an economy based mainly on agriculture, limited economic opportunities have been developed since the population has decreased significantly. 

Barbados, a Caribbean island full of ancient history, stories of pirates and paradisiac climate, is the destination of our newly won project. It aims at designing, developing, and delivering an integrated agricultural and fisheries knowledge management system.

Sustainable tourism aims at balancing social, environmental and economic goals while providing different experiences for travellers. It involves respect, curiosity and consciousness not only for cultural heritage and local environments, but also for the social and economic development that can be generated.

Vietnam, a natural wonder of stunning landscapes on the Indochina Peninsula, has been one of the fastest-growing economies over the last decade. Its economic transformation, foreign investment and efforts of local governments have contributed significantly to poverty reduction, economic development and increasing social equity. 

Ukraine, one of the largest countries in Eastern Europe known for its Orthodox churches, Black Sea coastline and forested mountains, is facing several challenges since its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. 

Kazanlak is a beautiful city located in the valley of roses and Thracian kings in the center of Bulgaria. Natural wonders and impressive cultural heritage sites make Kazanlak a very attractive touristic destination. 

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